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Unformatted text preview: IRON AGE 8000 BC 1200 BC 1281 A.D. 1800 A.D. NOW Technological Eras Technological Eras Agricultural Era Most Most people lived off the land and were farmers Tools and discoveries had to do with harvesting crops di They They used muscle power to do jobs Industrial Era Er Began Began with industrial revolution Many new machines were invented Many Many people were employed in factories Machines replaced human and animal muscle power --- use of Machines replaced human and animal muscle power --- use of steam steam and electricity Information Age Information Age Inventions Inventions are based on electronics and computers Percentage of Work Force Industrial Era 100 Information Age 1900 2000 Agricultural Era 50 8000 B.C. 1750 Technological Literacy Technological Literacy Technologically literate --- to understand how technology affects Technolo us, how processes work One One can make decisions on the basis of this literacy– Informed decisions vs. Blind decisions...
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