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190 Midterm Review - CTCS 190 Midterm Study Guide Film as...

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CTCS 190 Midterm Study Guide Film as Technology/Business/Entertainment/Art/Cultural Product: A) Intro to Course B) Technology (See reading, a Survey history of film technology, Casper and Edwards) 1) The 19 th century’s scientific spirit and the “recreation of life in motion” - Lots of invention, technology during this time of urbanization and industry growth - Concept behind movie is to create light in motion a) The “many locations/same-time” syndrome b) The six major developments necessary to produce the “recreation of life in motion” (1) The persistence of vision Each image stays in the mind for 1/16 th of a second Our brains interpret a series of stills as a picture that moves Thalmatrop (greek): to turn out wonder (i) A toy with a metal piece that spins creating optical illusion of motion (2) Still photography (3) The motion picture camera Aka series photography Famous photographer Edward Muybridgge (i) Series photograph proved we could show motion but not with one camera so the motion picture was developed Marey developed the camera: 12 images in one second, camera was huge and expensive (4) Film stock and celluloid Hannibal Goodman then George Eastman Allowed for taking of multiple pictures for cheap 1929 standardized 24 frames pers econd (5) The printer: to convert negatives (6) The motion picture projector: to relay images 2) The development and refinement of various technological realities that influence the production, aesthetics and the experience of film as well as the business 3) The power of film technology Flm as technology to recreate the past and immerse us in the present Sound and image is maximized Emotion and energy is created C) Business 1) Film and popularity By 1912 5 million Americans would go to movies weekly Film became a product, something that could produce revenue! Huge busness potential = need for new labor force Film caught on fast bc: (i) Captured motion unlike any other technology (ii) Its realistic and creates realistic environment beyond art and photography (iii) Movies keep people together, easy to entertain mass
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groups like families or immigrants (iv)Asslimated people to culture, told people how to look or behave, established (reflected) norms of society (v) They were cheap and accessible and convenient (vi)Movies put people in touch with emotions, desires, pleasures, fears (vii) Movies plunge into our dream life (dreams in dark, movies in dark, time to rest/relax, both are image based) 2) Business Triumvirate: Producer, Distributor, Exhibitor/Exhibition Producer: financial roll, organizational roll Distributor: distributes films to theaters (usually studio) Exhibitor: shows to the public (theaters) 3) The influence of business upon technology and entertainment/art D) Entertainment/Art 1) Difference between entertainment and art Entertainment: “that which grabs you”, movies take you and grab you and stretch you, mold you, change you
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190 Midterm Review - CTCS 190 Midterm Study Guide Film as...

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