Gardening Tips and Nacirema Questions

Gardening Tips and Nacirema Questions - “Body Ritual...

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“Gardening Tips” Critical Thinking Questions 1.) Would cultural relativism actually contradict the noble denotation it possesses? Does it ever go so far to the point where it crosses the line of being morally wrong or violating human rights? 2.) Are there possibilites for people to recognize cultural relativism, or other practices foreign to our own without the attitude of being ethnocentric?
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Unformatted text preview: “Body Ritual amond the Nacirema” Critical Thinking Questions 1.) What can be inferred about the social lives of the Nacirema, based on their culutral beliefs and practices? 2.) How has the Narcirema been able to survive all this time, despite it’s primitive customs and rituals? 3.) Would the practices of the Nacirema be culturally justified?...
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