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geography notes - Critical tradition Elisee reclus critical...

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Critical tradition Elisee reclus – critical of gvts in colonys Peter kropotkin – not survival of fittest, people should mutally aid/cooperate – no centralized power is good 60s/70s – civil rights movement – climate of needed change Detroit geography – point inwards and look at ghettos and such William Bunge – society for human exploration/nuclear geography 80s – humanistic geography – critique of Marxism/economy based geo look at how individuals, cultures/nationalism, social movements effect whole post structuralist, post modernism, feminism – bring a level of complexity to sweeping generalizations of political economy/Marxism rigid lines don’t work in this world, its not just sweeping – peopleism 90s to the present – state becomes a social construction, isn’t as central (post cold war) world is much more complex – context state made up of regions, people 3 scales, individual, state, system local(experience), nation-state(ideology), global(reality) captain America case study – embodies and narrates America presents the world as us vs them bridges the gap between individual and nation silencing – doesn’t represent races/minorities… and such 29/2/08 maps don’t require reading/language maps from 2000bc maps associated with authority, leaders/scientists make maps (no question) Richard edes Harrison – spun out map to show more representations Showing stuff on maps influences ppl through continual exposure 3/3/08 Territorial state Definition – Weber – state has monopoly of legitimate force within its territory Needs territory Needs permanent residents Economic system Monetary system Relationship with other states Transport/communication Political organization
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Symobilic elements Flag National anthem Statues Currency Personifications of the state Constituative elements State has sovereignty over its territory
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geography notes - Critical tradition Elisee reclus critical...

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