essay on ww1 causes

essay on ww1 causes - The 1815 Balance of Power and its...

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The 1815 Balance of Power and its Downfall In 1815, a balance of power was created at the Congress of Vienna to ensure that no one state could become powerful enough to dominate all the others. This system prevented any major wars for 50 years, but social and economic changes upset this delicate balance. The main changes that upset the balance of power were the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and the rise of a united Germany as the single most powerful European state through economic and political means. These two things drastically changed the way European states interacted, undermined the balance of power, and eventually led to the outbreak of World War One. The balance of power in Europe in 1815 was a system set up in response to the era of Napoleon. The great European powers wanted to create a system in which no one power or bloc of powers could dominate the rest. During this time period, the balance of power meant that if one power became too powerful, the other 4 would automatically form an alliance to keep that power in check. This unregulated system managed to prevent any major wars from happening for almost 50 years, with very little change. But such a system isn’t perfect, and many things can disrupt it. (Chamberlain, 2005) (Spielvogel 2003) When the Ottoman Empire collapsed, the Balkans broke into many different small states based upon ethnic nations. This wreaked havoc with the balance of power primarily
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essay on ww1 causes - The 1815 Balance of Power and its...

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