The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole - The Rabbit Hole Amy Allen 12/09/07...

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The Rabbit Hole Amy Allen 12/09/07 Introduction to theater M. Landis
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Allen 1 The Rabbit Hole produced by Pure Theatre maintained their standard for deep thought provoking plays that would not usually be found on many of the stages in Charleston. The Rabbit Hole used the dark context of the play to show the strength of the family. The impressive acting showed all the strains, as well as the love shared between this broken family in their harsh situation. The relationships depicted on stage showed the strength of the actors, and the very real connections they had between each actor. The set contributed to the reality of the situation that the family was forced in to, making the audience feels like they were thrown directly in to their family room. The black box theatre was arranged to make it feel like the audience was sitting on another couch of the family room in the set, this intimate setting created the connection that Pure Theatre is known for. The relationship of the couple that the audience follows has become strained through the loss of their four-year-old son in a sudden car accident. Through the following months the couple deals with the grief in conflicting ways. Becca, played by Sharon Graci, is plays the greving mother who cannot deal with the loss of her little boy, she needs to get out of the situation to heal. Becca does things such as boxing up toys and pictures from around the house in hopes that removing any physical evidence that they had a son would help her forget that they did. The emotion evoked by watching this mother folding her baby’s clothes, and crying over his old books was very convincing,
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The Rabbit Hole - The Rabbit Hole Amy Allen 12/09/07...

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