HW2 - 4 Convert WFF number 3 to EE notation and draw its circuit diagram(Don't both with this step for the other WFFs Problem 9 Draw the circuit

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Sheet1 Page 1 Homework 2 - 2:50pm, Jan 29 Turn in before class, in the classroom. Late papers not accepted. For each of these WFFs: 1. ((True /\ P) \/ Q) 2. ((P /\ Q) ==> (Q \/ P)) 3. (((P \/ Q) /\ (P \/ R)) <=> (P /\ (Q \/ R))) 4. (((P /\ (not Q)) \/ (Q /\ (not P))) ==> (not(P <=> Q))) 5. ((not(P <=> Q)) ==> ((P /\ (not Q)) \/ (Q /\ (not P)))) 6. ((P ==> Q) /\ (P ==> (not Q))) 7. ((P ==> Q) /\ ((not P) ==> Q)) 8. ((P ==> Q) <=> ((not Q) ==> (not P))) Carry out the following steps (except that step d applies only to WFF number 3): 1. Prove that the formula is a WFF by matching each its subformulas (at all levels, down to atomic formulas) with one of the W 2. Build a truth table for the WFF with one column for the WFF itself (this should be the rightmost column), and one column f o 3. Say which of following three categories the WFF belongs to: tautology, contradiction, or satisfiable but not tautology.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Convert WFF number 3 to EE notation, and draw its circuit diagram. (Don't both with this step for the other WFFs.) Problem 9. Draw the circuit diagram for the following WFF using NAND gates only: ((P \/ Q) /\ ((not P) <=> Q)) What To Turn In * A paper with the required WFF analyses, truth tables, and categorizations. . Format * Name. Put your name near the top of first sheet. * Numbering. Number each sheet, in sequence. * Lettering. Both hand-written and typed solutions will be accepted. * Portrait orientation. All sheets must be written in portrait orientation. No landscape sheets. No landscape double-ups. Don * Staple sheets together. No paperclips. Multiple-sheet solutions fastened with paperclips will not be accepted. Use a prope r...
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