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HW2 - 4 Convert WFF number 3 to EE notation and draw its...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Homework 2 - 2:50pm, Jan 29 Turn in before class, in the classroom. Late papers not accepted. For each of these WFFs: 1. ((True /\ P) \/ Q) 2. ((P /\ Q) ==> (Q \/ P)) 3. (((P \/ Q) /\ (P \/ R)) <=> (P /\ (Q \/ R))) 4. (((P /\ (not Q)) \/ (Q /\ (not P))) ==> (not(P <=> Q))) 5. ((not(P <=> Q)) ==> ((P /\ (not Q)) \/ (Q /\ (not P)))) 6. ((P ==> Q) /\ (P ==> (not Q))) 7. ((P ==> Q) /\ ((not P) ==> Q)) 8. ((P ==> Q) <=> ((not Q) ==> (not P))) Carry out the following steps (except that step d applies only to WFF number 3): 1. Prove that the formula is a WFF by matching each its subformulas (at all levels, down to atomic formulas) with one of the 2. Build a truth table for the WFF with one column for the WFF itself (this should be the rightmost column), and one column 3. Say which of following three categories the WFF belongs to: tautology, contradiction, or satisfiable but not tautology.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Convert WFF number 3 to EE notation, and draw its circuit diagram. (Don't both with this step for the other WFFs.) Problem 9. Draw the circuit diagram for the following WFF using NAND gates only: ((P \/ Q) /\ ((not P) <=> Q)) What To Turn In * A paper with the required WFF analyses, truth tables, and categorizations. . Format * Name. Put your name near the top of first sheet. * Numbering. Number each sheet, in sequence. * Lettering. Both hand-written and typed solutions will be accepted. * Portrait orientation. All sheets must be written in portrait orientation. No landscape sheets. No landscape double-ups. Don * Staple sheets together. No paperclips. Multiple-sheet solutions fastened with paperclips will not be accepted. Use a prope r...
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