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Anthropology Chapter 1 Notes Anthropology – the study of humans Biological Anthropology – the study of human evolution, genetics, and the body’s ability to cope with stressors . Also includeds the study of human behavior and social life. Linguistic Anthropology - the study of languages from the present, then to make an inference of how language was in the past. Useful for unlocking ancient and unwritten languages. Applied Anthropology - using anthropological data, perspectives, theory, and methods to identify, assess, or solve social issues. The four subfields of anthropology include cultural, biological, linguistics, and archaeology. Cultural Rescource Management (CRM) – to decide what needs to be saved and to preserve significant data from the past, in sites that cannot be saved. Ethnocentrism – the belief that one’s culture is superior than another’s, and leads one to judge other culture’s practices and beliefs based from the beliefs and customs of their own.
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Unformatted text preview: The Ethnographic Method • Studying with firsthand observation of cultures, active participants in daily activities to understand thought and logic of the culture. Anthropology and Education – researching in classrooms and schools to study the interactions between teachers, students, parents, and visitors. Medical Anthropology – examines questions such as which disease affect different populations, how illness is socially constructed, and how one treats illness in effective and cultural appropriate ways. • Links between business and anthropology consists of knowledge of how consumers use their products, and going through the link of natural observation and cultural diversity. Cultural Anthro Categories – subsistence strategies, economic systems, politcal systems, social organizations (marriage, family, kinship), beliefs. Expressive Culture – expressing ways of life in a creative effort (art)...
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