Anth 166 a2 - waste my time for I am wasting great earning potential 3 I approached my friend Merih a foreign exchange student form Turkey and

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Alissa Chanin September 26, 2007 ANTH 166 Assignment 2 1. Daily reminders of Time: -sun rise -church bells -getting hungry -class schedule -television shows -radio programs -traffic -location of sun -fire siren -school buses -menu items -street lights -free phone calls -clothing and attire -library bell tower 2. “Time is a gift,” not in the context of roses or jewelry but rather in the sense that you are doing someone a favor by spending time with them; by giving up personal time you are benefiting another person. Unlike “time as money” where one refers to time in the basis of money making potential, “time as a gift” infers that the burden of wasting time on another person is gift worthy, is comparable to a well thought out and determined present. This can have negative connotations when interpreted as a burden from one person bestowed on another whereas “time as money” is a blunt way of putting, Do not
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Unformatted text preview: waste my time, for I am wasting great earning potential. 3. I approached my friend Merih, a foreign exchange student form Turkey, and asked her what she had noticed about Americans approach to time in relation to that of the Turkish. She described the intense rush in which Americans as a whole scurry to complete tasks, and the brevity with which people take to experience surroundings. Instead of strolling to class, Americans have perfected the speed walk, avoiding casual conversation with acquaintances, and leaving little time for leisure. She also related the downtown scene of Binghamton to her home city of Istanbul. An unfair comparison I might add for the severe differences between the two cities, but even the curfew of both locations. Binghamton bars and night clubs close up shop by 3 a.m. which Turkish discos rage on through breakfast....
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