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anth 166 a6 - concentric circles There are pictures of old...

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Alissa Chanin November 14, 2007 ANTH 166 Assignment 6 1. Applebees Restaurant is located on Vestal Avenue, less than two miles from the Binghamton campus. It is a chain restaurant specializing in casual dining. It is used for informal dining where jeans and a tee shirt are appropriate apparel, but not informal enough to wear gym shorts and a tank top. There is seating around the bar and table intended for two in an elevated area toward the back. It is set up with booths around the outside, tables on the inside of the outer circle and the bar at the bulls eye of the
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Unformatted text preview: concentric circles. There are pictures of old movie stars on the wall and banners for professional sports teams. There are old band photos and other nostalgic knick-knacks around the walls. Casual American cuisine is served, more formal than McDonalds, but less formal than a steakhouse. Soups, salads, hamburgers, chicken and fish dishes along with pasta and even a low calorie menu for patrons on a diet. This is a family restaurant that is appropriate for younger children, a casual date for adolescents,...
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