10BLODPR.WKN - Ascites/Dropsy f Blood distribution(i.e...

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Human Physiology Chap.10 Blood Vessels & Blood Pressure PAH 0 I. Introduction a) Blood F low, P ressure and R esistance b) F= ^P/R R -Factors i.e. - length of vessel, longer vessel adds more drag - diameter or Radius of vessel= r 4 - viscosity of blood, i.e. polycythemia. . II. Arteries =because of walls, act as pressure reservoirs a) Pressure i.e 120/80 mm Hg and other levels Say, 95/60= 138/90= 140/ or /90 150/90= b) M ean A rterial P ressure and its significance Pulse Pressure==>number Pressure Pulse--look strange? Factors1. 2. 3. III.Arterioles a) Site of Resistance/Control why ? 1. 2. 3. Other Interactions via arterioles 1. 2. 3. 4. b) Vessel Radius and Extrinsic Control (i.e. sympathetic NS) IV. Capillaries: handout - the numbers offered here are relative, but good for comparison work. Capillaries are sites of (real) exchange for tissues. a) Sites of Exchange b) Diffusion c) Bulk Flow d) Lymphatic System Link e) Edema--Possible causes
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Unformatted text preview: Ascites/Dropsy f) Blood distribution (i.e. arterioles and exercise) V. Veins--recall valves and method of flow/movement of blood in veins. a) Reservoir of Blood (volume) b) Flow of Blood--Extrinsic Factors. Nerves, Hormones VI. Blood Pressure Factors a) Regulation-MAP MAP=D.P. + 1/3 P.P. 1. Significance==> 2. 3. MAP=HR X SV X TPR 4. b) Baroreceptors c) Orthostatic Hypotension : Has this ever happened to you? Think of the situation. What is the concern about Hypotension? d) Hypertension, Major cause is__________________ Primary/Essential Secondary e) Shock Circulatory Stages 1) Electrical 1. Hypovolemic a) Reversible 2) Emotional 2. Normovolemic b) 3) Cardiac---MI 3. Vasogenic c)…. . 4) Circulatory VII. Summary Chapter review questions: pgs. 312, all objective items; Essays any/all ; PTP #4 b,g...
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10BLODPR.WKN - Ascites/Dropsy f Blood distribution(i.e...

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