2007 Q6 Key - QUIZ 6 ANSWER KEY 1. Arrange the following in...

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QUIZ 6 ANSWER KEY 1. Arrange the following in order from the blood compartment to the final urine output. 1. ALH 2. DLH 3. DCT 4. PCT 5. CD 6. BC A. 1, 2, 5, 6, 4, 3 B. 6, 4, 2, 1, 3, 5 C. 5, 4, 1, 2 , 3 6 D. None of the above Answer is B 2. The number of liters of urine water formed per day is ____ and the amount of water reabsorbed is _____ liters. A. 180, 179 B. 500, 6 C. 100, 0.2 D. 200, 300 Answer is A. 99% of fluid gets reabsorbed. 3. The numerical value of creatinine clearance is about A. 100 mL/sec B. 140 L/sec C. 125 mL/min D. 250 mL/sec Answer is C, Creatine is used to estimate GFR rate and average GFR is 125 mL/min 4. In a normal person with serum glucose is 75 mg/dL urine glucose concentration = ______ A. 150 mg/dL B. 0.75 mg/L C. 0 mg/dL D. 75 mg/dL Answer is C: Normal people have all their glucose reabsorbed. Diabetics are the ones with sugary urine. 5. See graph at the end of the quiz 6. Put a R adjacent to substances filtered and heavily reabsorbed, F next to those filtered but not heavily reabsorbed or secreted, and S next to those filtered and heavily secreted Glucose Creatinine Urea Inulin Sodium A. R,F,S,F,R
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EBME 202 Quiz 6- Renal Physiology 4/17/2007 B. R,R,S,S,R C. S,S,R,F,R D. F,F,S,F,F Answer is A. 7. Which segment of the nephron does most of the active reabsorption A. DCT B. DLH C. ALH D. PCT Answer is D 8. Under NORMAL conditions identify the formula that describes the correct relationship among pressures that determines fluid flow across the tubulo-capillary membrane (Bowman’s Capsule). J= fluid flow from Blood to Urine compartments
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2007 Q6 Key - QUIZ 6 ANSWER KEY 1. Arrange the following in...

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