Lec 10 Reproduction 3-1

E growing at the same rate as rest of body duct

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Unformatted text preview: ame rate as rest of body. Duct system develops No alveolar units, internal mass of the gland consists of the fat pad STAGES OF MAMMARY GLAND DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT (b) Puberty Accelerated allometric growth i.e. growing faster than rest of body. Ducts begin to branch and invade the fat pad (under influence of estrogen from ovary). Fat pad still predominates. Breast Responds to Hormones Breast Puberty - Female Puberty Nipple Ducts Estrogen – Causes ducts to grow Breast Responds to Hormones Breast Puberty Puberty Estrogen and Progesterone - Causes development of TDLU – terminal ductule lobular units - Responsible for milk secretion Puberty Puberty Breast consists of Breast many ducts with lobules that radiate out from the duct like a small wheel small This allows the This lobules to expand during pregnancy and lactation and STAGES OF MAMMARY GLAND DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT (c) Pregnancy Prominent alveolar units Full duct development (estrogen and progesterone from placenta) Vascular system fully developed (d) Lactation Prolactin from anterior pituitary promotes lactogenesis. Gradually a net loss of secretory...
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