HW 1 - EBME 202 Homework(HW#1 2007 R Cechner 01.31.2007...

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EBME 202 Homework (HW) #1 2007 R. Cechner 01.31.2007 Your reference for this HW is handout (HO) #1 page 1-3 figure 9-52. Have this page in front of you as you read and do this HW Your goal is to recreate some of the diagram as specified here but using transfer functions with parameters. You will show that when there is hemorrhage (HEM) and arterial pressure (BP) decreases cardiac output (CO) will increase AND peripheral resistance (SVR) will also increase such that, via an Ohm’s law formula, BP increases to offset the decrease due to HEM. For this HW the adjustments in various parameters and values do not have to be numerically correct but rather change in the correct directions Additionally if, instead of HEM, you have fluid overload (too much blood) so that BP increases, your system should act in a direction to decrease the BP. Your system should be symmetrical. You should do the transfer functions for all paths EXCEPT the one starting with “ sympathetic discharge to veins” and ending with “ end diastolic volume”. The latter path will NOT be used (though it IS important in reality). Rules and examples. 1. Each path on the HO should have a path that has the same basic structure as 1-3 but instead of arrows and words you will have transfer functions 2. Make your picture LARGE to fill an entire 8.5 x 11 page. 3. Write and draw CLEARLY – no credit for sloppy work – you don’t have to use computer graphics but must be neat! 4. Here is an example, in words of how you might start Blood loss (HEM) is related to BP by a stopped linear function that causes BP to decrease as blood loss increases. You can add numerical values (guesses) so that loss
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HW 1 - EBME 202 Homework(HW#1 2007 R Cechner 01.31.2007...

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