17 - CNS 4 Cerebellum & Vision - Transcribed

Epithelium optic nerve ophtalmoscope ophtalmoscope

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Unformatted text preview: ng: CSF No cupping Macula lutea and fovea Vessels from central artery and vein Arteries over veins arteries Fundus Patient’s veins Eye Right Macula lutea Optic disc fovea Temporal Temporal Foveal pit veins arteries arteries veins Nasal 1oVisual Pathway CN II Ocular dominance column competition 50% crossed thalamus stereopsis Visual cortex Visual Field Defects Monocular blindness Bitemporal hemianopia Meyers loop Homonymous hemianopia Perception Object location (Cerebellum) (eye movements) Visual Pathways o N II Alertness Head Position (level horizon) Pupil Dilation Day/Night Cycle Pupil Constriction Production and drainage of Aqueous Humour Circular canal of Schlemm Venous Circulation sclera cornea Trabecular meshwork iris lens Ciliary epithelium pupil Path of aqueous flow Ciliary epithelium Vitreous body Increased intraocular pressure: Increased Glaucoma Monitoring eye pressure: tonography Treatment: air pressure measures topical drugs corneal deflection to increase aqueous drainage X Optic nerve Motor Aspects of Vision •Extraocular Eye Muscles •Coordinated Eye Movements •Accomodation •Pupil Responses Functions of the Cranial Nerves Smell Vision Muscles of eye Vision Sensory to face motor I II Iight detection Functional Categories: III IV VI Taste V cornea sensation Special Sense Sensory Motor Autonomic Muscles of facial expression VII Hearing and Balance lacrimal secretions VIII Muscles of Muscles swallowing & swallowing Taste IX XII Muscles of tongue Chewing muscles XI X Muscles moving head Autonomic to internal organs internal...
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