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17 - CNS 4 Cerebellum & Vision - Transcribed

Make left hemisphere left body 2 proprioceptors in

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Unformatted text preview: put, and vestibular input inform cerebellum about position of body and limbs. Pons of Brainstem Cerebellar Nuclei IV 4) Deep cerebellar nuclei send “blueprint” nuclei to cortex to initiate a to coordinated movement, Right hemisphere to spinal cord to maintain (Right body) posture. 3) Cerebellar Cortex Calculates best way to coordinate movement Cerebellar Control Cerebellar Appendicular vs Axial Appendicular Limb coordination Planned action; Learned actions Axial Balance; Eye movements Diseases of Cerebellum Ataxia Intention Tremor Intention Why is the Parkinson’s patient “cured” when entering the elevator? McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences T E B CEBTL E y e Fa D d V i O i E n B nZ L s o CLEODFBZP DFTPZELODB A l e Wa E d eD G E J lP D 0 1 1 x n R r K. B a l 2 X Functions of the Cranial Nerves Smell Vision Muscles of eye Vision I Sensory to face III IV VI II Functional Categories: Special Sense Sensory Motor Autonomic Taste V Muscles of facial expression VII Hearing and Balance VIII Muscles of Muscles swallowing & swallowing Taste IX XII Muscles of tongue Chewing muscles XI X Muscles moving head Autonomic to internal organs internal Vision health care professionals Optician- Fills optical prescriptions, fits eyeglasses. Optometrist (BSc,OD) - Diagnosis refractive errors, prescribes glasses, prescribes topical drugs. Opth...
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