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Kanav Jain 10/6/2007 Cass 3 Global Warming: Man-Made or Natural? Many still question the human contribution to global warming. Global median temperatures have risen .74 o C over the past 100 years, and this heating has caused a decline in glacier and snow cover in both hemispheres of the planet (Lovgren). Some persist in saying that this rising level of temperature is only cyclical, and will soon be followed by a gradual decrease in planetary temperature leading to an ice age. However, as difficult as it may be to completely attribute the rise in temperature to human activity, it is certain that the superposition of man’s actions on the possible cyclical flow of climate has created the potential to wipe great amounts of life off of the planet. While the arguments pertaining to the causes of global warming still exist, there is little doubt remaining that global temperatures are increasing. Studies over the past several decades have shown that the amounts of ice present in the Arctic and Antarctic are greatly decreasing. An especial amount of concern has gone towards the melting of the ice sheet that forms much of Greenland because its melting could cause so much water level rising that cities at water level could be submerged under the extra 23 feet of water (Lovgren). Another less-mentioned form of evidence for global warming is that such tropical diseases as dengue fever are spreading to nonnative locations because of the new hotter climate favorable for the disease (Albritton). Even
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