Chemistry (Hm Chemistry College Titles)

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I. Chemical Formulas and Composition Stoichiometry 1. Forms monatomic ions with a 2 - charge in solutions. (A) F (B) S (C) Mg (D) Ar (E) Mn Answer: B 2. Forms a compound having the formula KXO 4 (A) F (B) S (C) Mg (D) Ar (E) Mn Answer: E 3. A 27.0-gram sample of an unknown hydrocarbon was burned in excess oxygen to form 88.0 grams of carbon dioxide and 27.0 grams of water. What is the possible molecular formula of the hydrocarbon? (A) CH 4 (B) C 2 H 2 (C) C 4 H 3 (D) C 4 H 6 (E) C 4 H 10 Answer: D 4. What mass of Au is produced when 0.0500 mol of Au 2 S 3 is reduced completely with excess H 2 ? (A) 9.85g (B) 19.7g (C) 24.5g (D) 39.4g (E) 48.9g Answer: B 5. When hafnium metal is heated in an atmosphere of chlorine gas, the product of the reaction is found to contain 62.2 percent Hf by mass and 37.4 percent Cl by mass. What is the empirical formula for this compound? (A) HfCl (B) HfCl 2 (C) HfCl 3 (D) HfCl 4 (E) Hf 2 Cl 3 Answer: C 6. After completing an experiment to determine gravimetrically the percentage of
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