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blockbuster case study - KC Church Marketing Seminars...

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K Church Marketing Seminars 933 George Place Drive  Kernersville, NC  27284 Phone:  (336) 334-7656 Ex. 2390 E-mail: Date: January 9, 2008 To: Keith C. Jones, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship From: Erik Jones. Senior Marketing Major Re: Blockbuster Case Study The problem. Is keeping up with companies using advancing technologies such as electronic distribution in the video rental industry. Blockbuster has struggled to compete in the new era of movie renting. Competetion like Netflix and Movielink are taking away sales. The traditional way of buying movies Soultion 1 One possible solution that Blockbuster could implement is to set up their website so customers could download movies online. Blockbuster customer can already rent movies online by going to to get movies delivered straight to your house and they can also go to their local blockbuster video store and rent movies if the feel the need to. Customers should also have the option to download movies from their computers. With today’s high speed internet a customer can have a whole movie in less then an hour. This could help all the customers who are to lazy to go to the store to exchange movies or people who hate waiting a couple days while their movies are being delivered. Also Blockbuster can make it so that anyone can download movies ass long as your has a credit card, which would open up the market to people who don’t have blockbuster cards. Solution 2
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blockbuster case study - KC Church Marketing Seminars...

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