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Unformatted text preview: IED Lecture 6 Class Goals Your Mini Project Status Design Reviews Technical Memos Due Your oral Status Report IED Your Mini Project Status Continue building mockup Use IED Lab 2-3 minute oral Status Report Today Design Reviews Lec 7 and 8 IED Design Reviews Usually a series of design reviews take place during the course of product development Sometimes these reviews are focused on special issues such as safety or reducibility Design review are an opportunity to share with other knowledgeable people and to receive constructive feedback Stay Technical and Ask for Feedback Design Reviews - Content Design reviews usually begin with a statement of objectives and a summary of program plans (assumed as givens by reviewers) Describe key customer requirements and technical product specifications Design Reviews - Content Describe concept alternatives using sketches or actual physical models Discuss design trade-offs Describe any pertinent engineering analysis and/or empirical test results and/or plans Design Reviews - Key Questions Is the design technically feasible ? Are there alternatives ? Can the development be completed per plan ? Are analysis and test results consistent ? Is anything missing? Design Reviews Next Week 4 minutes per person Demonstrate product mockup Laptop presentations need to be setup quickly or better to use transparencies 2 minutes for questions and comments IED Design Review Rules Speak loudly and clearly Questions to be asked at end Peers need to be critical but not mean Instructor comments are meant to be used for improvement IED Design Reviews Next Week We need to get volunteers to present Lec 7 If not enough volunteers, then randomly selected Who wants to go on Lec 7 ? IED ...
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