9 billion km from the sun on a 1 to 10 billion scale

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Unformatted text preview: •Earth → 13,000 km across, 150 million km from the Sun •Jupiter → 140,000 km across, 780 million km from the Sun •Pluto → 2,300 km across, 5.9 billion km from the Sun On a 1-to-10 billion scale: •Sun → a large cantelope (14 cm across) •Earth → a ball point (1.3 mm), 15 m away •Jupiter → a fingertip (14 mm), 78 m away •Pluto → a dust speck (0.2 mm), 590 m away On this scale, if the Earth were a ball point in the palm of your hand, the Moon (a dust speck) would orbit at about the edge of your palm. That’s as far in the Universe as humans have been from Earth. A major lesson from all this is that the solar system is almost entirely made of nearly empty space (that’s why they call it “space”!). An Astronomical Unit Earth-Sun Distance = 1 AU ‣ ‣ ‣ Distances in the Solar System are very large! To measure the distances between the Sun and the planets, it's convenient to do it in terms of the average Earth-Sun distance 1 AU = average distance between Sun and Earth = 1.496 × 108km NASA 10 The distances between the Sun and planets are incredibly large. The distance from the Sun to Pluto is almost 6 billion km! These numbers are so, well, astronomical, we define a new distance unit to make the numbers more manageable. This new unit is the Astronomical Unit (or AU). 1 AU is defined as the average distance from Earth to the Sun—a distance of 149.6 million kilometers (93 million miles). Planets’ distances from the Sun Planet Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Distance from the Sun (km) 58 million km 108 million km 150 million km 228 million km 778 million km 1.4 billion km 2.9 billion km 4.5 billion km 5.9 billion km Distance from the Sun (AU) 0.4 AU 0.7 AU 1 AU 1.5 AU 5.2 AU 9.5 AU 19 AU 30 AU 40 AU 11 Here is a table showing the average distance of each planet from the Sun in kilometers...
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