Anatomically modern humans arise at 1154pm on

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Unformatted text preview: n years, and 1 second is about 440 years. The Big Bang occurs on January 1. The first stars form around January 10th and the first galaxies form at the end of January. Our solar system forms on September 1st, and the life originates on September 21st. It takes until late November for multicellular live to evolve. The dinosaurs rise on December 25th, and go extinct on December 30th. Anatomically modern humans arise at 11:54pm on December 31st. All of (recorded) human history occurs in the last 30 seconds of the year. And you were born about 0.05 seconds before midnight on December 31st. Thought QuesNon Considering the size and scale of the Universe makes me A. Feel very small B. Think it is remarkable that we can discover anything about the Universe at all C. Think that the Earth is less important than I used to think D. Appreciate how fragile and unique the Earth is 25 We’ll end with a question for you to think about... Key Ideas ‣ ‣ We can get a sense of the relative sizes and distances in the Universe by constructing scale models To discuss the large distances in astronomy, we use special units ‣ Astronomical Units: The average distance from the Earth to the Sun ‣ ~150 million km ‣ Used to measure distances between the planets ‣ Light-years: The distance light travels in a year ‣ ~10 trillion km ‣ Used to measure distances between the stars 26...
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