Outer rings saturns outer rings include the e ring

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Unformatted text preview: se regions comprise the main rings. The main rings are denser and contain larger particles than the tenuous dusty rings. The latter include the D Ring, extending inward to Saturn's cloud tops, the G and E Rings and others beyond the main ring system. These difuse rings are characterised as "dusty" because of the small size of their particles (often about a micrometer); their chemical composition is, like the main rings, almost entirely of water ice. The narrow F Ring, just of the outer edge of the A Ring, is more difcult to categorize; parts of it are very dense, but it also contains a great deal of dust-size particles. Outer Rings ‣ Saturn’s outer rings include the E ring and G ring ‣ Small ring particles, like the D ring ‣ G ring is a very thin, faint ring ‣ E Ring is the outermost ring, and is extremely wide, composed of microscopic particles The outer rings of Saturn, back-lit by the Sun 35 The G Ring is a very thin, faint ring about halfway between the F Ring an...
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