So without free oxygen or another oxidizing agent the

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Unformatted text preview: everal years. Thought QuesTon Since there are a lot of flammable gases on Neptune, such as methane, if you lit a match, would Neptune burn? A. Yes B. No Answer: B Because there is no free oxygen! 15 Answer: B No, combustion requires an oxidizing agent (e.g. O2) to burn the fuel. So, without free oxygen (or another oxidizing agent), the methane in Neptune’s atmosphere will not burn. What kind of moons orbit the jovian planets? ‣ Large moons (> 1,500 km) Jupiter ‣ Many have ongoing geological activity ‣ Medium-sized moons (300-1,500 km) had geological activity in past ‣ Small moons (< 300 km) ‣ No geological activity Moon Earth Wikimedia Commons ‣ Most The large and medium moons of the jovian planets 16 More than 160 jovian moons and counting, 60+ moons of Jupiter alone… Jovian moons are mostly made of ice and rock (except Io) Medium & Large Moons: Enough self-gravity to be spherical Have substantial amounts of ice. Formed in orbit around jovian planets. Circular orbits in same direction as planet rotation (except Triton) Small Moons: Far m...
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