Paper 2 stalinish nature

Paper 2 stalinish nature - Bryan Amaral 1492666 History 101...

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Bryan Amaral 1492666 History 101 Paper Two Intimacy and Terror : Stalinist Nature Throughout time politicians have believed that it was nearly impossible to establish socialism within a single nation. However the main idea behind the Stalinist regime was to create a single socialist State within the Soviet Union. Socialism can best be described as a nation that provides the government with collective ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, essentially eliminating the idea of social classes. 1 Josef Stalin’s goal for a single socialist state began with a change in the Soviet Union’s economic policy. He installed his initial first five-year plan in which the Soviet Union focused on becoming a predominantly industrialized country. Laws were installed that forced privately owned farms to become collective farms, forced to give some of the rations they produced to the government. All those brave enough to oppose Stalin’s plans were often imprisoned in labor camps, arrested, or even executed. Though rapid industrialization occurred throughout the USSR’s economy, there was a rapid decline in wages and the production of consumer goods. These costs all led to many hardships for the common workers of the Soviet Union, but Stalin often maintained support through government propaganda. These hardships are depicted in the book Intimacy and Terror , comprised of several diaries describing the struggles and triumphs of several common workers during Stalin’s reign. Each citizen’s diary expresses their personal view on Josef Stalin and his policies whether it be positive or negative, and the daily conflicts each 1 Jackson J. Spielvogel, Western Civilization: Vol. II Brief Discovery Edition , (Pennsylvania: Thomson Learning, 2006) 1
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person faced. Stalinism played an important role in changing the everyday lives of each of these citizens as well as the rest of the Soviet Union. All those who opposed Stalin’s plan for an industrialized economy and a socialist state often suffered the harshest punishments of all. Andrei Stepanovich Arzhilovsky recalls his ruthless life as a born peasant and outspoken anti-communist/socialist. George Orwell wrote in the book Animal Farm , a fictional rendition of the Stalin era, that “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” 2 This explains how though communism and socialism both promote a social equality within a nation, certain groups of people will always be inferior to others. Arzhilovsky expressed similar beliefs stating, “When will they realize that the problem is not social class, but individuals, and there will be plenty of scoundrels under Communism as well?” 3 Andrei believes that no matter if there was a social classification or not there were always going to be criminals in any society. This opposing view Andrei displayed and the fact he took a shot at Soviet officials landed him an eight year prison sentence for Counterrevolutionary Agitation. During Stalin’s reign this specific crime was looked upon by the judicial system with
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Paper 2 stalinish nature - Bryan Amaral 1492666 History 101...

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