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Samantha Brown Informative speech intro I. Intro a. Attention Getter: i. What was your dream job growing up? Firefighter? Soldier? Pilot? Doctor? Accountant? ii. There are many jobs in the world today, you just have to set your mind to it and you can achieve your dream. b. Credibility: i. The thing that I always wanted to be was a veterinarian. My whole life I can always remember taking in every stray animal that came around our house. ii. Over the years I have done much research on what it takes to become one. There are a few types of vets, and their jobs vary. c. Preview of main points: i. So today, I am going to tell you about the types of veterinarians, ii. what their jobs are, iii. and what kind of schooling it takes to become one. d. Why should the audience listen: i. Why are veterinarians important? Some of you might be asking that question. Well most everyone here probably has or has had a pet before and you know how much you can love them. ii. Some people even have pet insurance. Well a veterinarian can save the lives of the animals that we love most, and that’s why I believe they are needed. II. Body a. Main Point #1, Schooling/Education i. I know what some of you may be thinking, being a vet can’t be that hard. That’s just not the case. Most veterinary schools are difficult to enter without a bachelor’s degree in some sort of biology or biochemistry. Then there is the 4 years of veterinary school after the completion of the GRE and the VCAT which is the
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sam's speech crap - Samantha Brown Informative speech intro...

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