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Andrei Guth English 101 Mr. Johnson Feminism and Fashion Depending on who is talking, feminism is either the greatest blessing women have ever had, or a tainted funnel of lesbian viewpoints. Several things have sprung out of the feminist movement: suffragettes, flappers, and most importantly, women’s rights. But has feminism been a detriment to women as well? According to recent “third- wave” feminists, it would appear so. Historically traditional roles of women- the housewife and homemaker- were immediately shunned and abandoned by feminists because they degraded a woman’s independence and free spirit. Along with that, skills that were essentially cultivated by “the housewife” were lost. Specifically, home-crafted fashions, such as knitted or crocheted clothing, diminished both in popularity and respectability due to the battle for women’s equality. Only in recent generations has it become once-again acceptable for women to hand-craft their own clothes. There was a point in time when being a housewife was not only respected, but needed by the entire country.
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During World War One, campaigns begged women to knit for soldiers, who lacked socks, undershirts, and washcloths. It was not only considered loving, but patriotic for a woman to assume her feminine ‘duties’ and knit or sew. “It was a
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femandfasessay - Andrei Guth English 101 Mr Johnson...

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