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Oservation essay - Brooke Bartman 2/2/08 An Observations of...

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Brooke Bartman 2/2/08 An Observations of Gender Stereotypes with Drag Racing Abstract On January 26, 2008, an observation study was done at the Morgantown Holiday Inn. This event featured Maple Grove Raceway’s annual meeting. The observation was conducted to see how many females would walk into the meeting out of a total of fifty people. Gender stereotypes come into play when dealing with any type of auto racing. Females are not usually the type of gender anyone would usually see when it comes to racing, or so stereotypes have proven. Beyer (1999), states that a stereotype is defined by Judd and Pak (1993, p.110), a “Stereotype is an individual’s set of beliefs about the characteristics or attributes of a group.” Could it be possible that gender stereotypes is all what people make it out to be or could it just be something that no one even realizes when stating comments or possibly making scenes? Introduction When looking at motorsports in general, some people assume that drag racing is considered to be a dominant male sport. What could make the auto sport so male dominant? Could it be risks, not enough knowledge, or could it be just fear itself? There can be a number of reasons as to why females don’t get more involved into drag racing events. Byrnes, Miller and Schafer (as cited in Daruvala, 2007) conducted a meta- analysis of 150 studies finding a significant variety in the risk attitudes of men and women. As Daruvala (2007) states, “Men were generally greater risk takers although the gender difference varied with the risky environment. Studies exploring gender differences in risk aversion in the context of non-financial decisions concerning for 1
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Oservation essay - Brooke Bartman 2/2/08 An Observations of...

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