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across the universe

across the universe - Rebecca Goldberg American Popular...

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Rebecca Goldberg American Popular Music Professor Gunderman April 7, 2008 DVD Review #2: Across the Universe
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Across the Universe , released in October of 2007, tells a story of the love between two teenagers of very different backgrounds during a time of both peace and turmoil in the sixties. This movie focuses on the hippie movement, channeling the increasing popularity of LSD and psychedelia in the presentation of peace and exploration of the mind. It then takes on the effects of the Vietnam War on America and its youth, depicting the radical yet profound actions taken by protestors and peace advocates of that time. It is only necessary, then, that this musical is based on the Beatles, the greatest band of that time period and in history. Their greatest hits are intertwined with the plot of the story, as the main characters names, as an example, are Jude and Lucy, both after hits “ Hey Jude and “ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds .” The music of the Beatles perfectly represents this psychedelic time period with the peace, love, and anti-war protests that have come to define the sixties. As the musical contains tons of references to the Beatles, some subtle and others more obvious, it can’t be denied that the progression of the Beatles artistry and experimentation with different sounds due to drug influences shines through on screen. Jude, performed by Jim Sturgess, and Lucy, performed by Evan Rachel Wood, are star- crossed lovers who ultimately meet when Jude travels to the United States from England in search of his father. At this time, Lucy’s then boyfriend is being drafted to fight in the
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across the universe - Rebecca Goldberg American Popular...

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