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Andrew Ludwig Kara Peirce Section 11/21/07 To this day, the Vietnam War is a hotly debated subject, whether America had the right to side with the French in an effort to stop the spread of communism. One fact for sure was that Vietnam was an obvious display of the government’s policy of containment, that is to stop the spread of communism throughout the world, and clearly, this was a failed attempt. The war held very different meanings for many different groups, but the largest of these, the soldiers who fought and the public, held a very strong meaning associated with the war. For these people the Vietnam War was originally a patriotic undertaking, one of seeking personal glory and glory for America, but this meaning was quickly transformed into the idea of America overstepping its bounds and involving itself in a conflict, which had dramatic effects on its people. Philip Caputo, a soldier in Vietnam, clearly shows this meaning of the war through his memoir of his service in the war. The meaning of the war is also demonstrated in the culture on the home front in forms of song such as “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” by The Animals. Finally, pictures showed what words could not, such as the picture of the children fleeing from a village that was burned by napalm. From these sources a clear picture of what the war truly was for people is shown, one that few wish to confront. Philip Caputo grew up in <state> and throughout his early years led what he considered being an ordinary boring life until he enlisted in the Marine Corps. Upon enlisting, Caputo went through officer training and graduated with the rank of second lieutenant. Like most other people Caputo had enlisted because of the wave of patriotic feelings caused by President Kennedy. But this patriotism was fueled by more than the words a of leader, it grew in all young men joining
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the war because they wanted to be heroes. Caputo himself said, “That is what I wanted, to find in
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Caputo Paper2 - Andrew Ludwig Kara Peirce Section To this...

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