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plant development - 9 The pollen can be carried by wind...

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Plant Development Questions 1. Coal 2. An autotroph is an organism which is self sustaining by creating its own nourishment by photosynthesis or otherwise. 3. Accessory pigments allow plants to absorb light in more spectra than allowed by just chlorophyll, thereby allowing plants to absorb more energy for use in photosynthesis. 4. By altering generations, plants are able to perform more reproduction in less time, therefore passing on their genes much more efficiently. 5. A dominant generation means that either the sporophyte or gametophyte generation takes dominance over the other generation. 6. It has 1 set of chromosomes. 7. It has 2 sets of chromosomes. 8. It has less sets of chromosomes, so there are fewer chances for mutations to occur which leads to fewer variations.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. The pollen can be carried by wind, which means that plants no longer require a water environment and can reproduce more easily and in a dry spell. 10. A plant with an extensive root system can grow much larger than other plants and can live in areas where the water table is lower and still manage to acquire water. 11. Plants needed to have the cuticle covering and stomata to prevent water loss and develop phloem and xylem to transport water throughout the entire plant body. 12. Plants needed to develop the ability to grow deep roots and to achieve secondary growth. They also needed to develop woody growth in the xylem and the cork cambium to protect the plant from outside elements....
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