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EAS 209 – Spring 2008 Instructor: Human/Mosqueda 1/15/2008 1 Lecture 02 Chapter 1 - Concept of Stress The main objective of the study of mechanics of materials is to provide future engineers with the means of analyzing and designing various machines and load bearing structures. Both the analysis and design of a given structure involve the determination of stresses and deformations . This chapter is devoted to the concept of stress. We will define stress shortly, but first, we will review the concepts of equilibrium learned in Statics. All students must be able to perform a static analysis to determine the internal forces in each structural member and the reaction forces at the supports. EAS 209 – Spring 2008 Instructor: Human/Mosqueda 1/15/2008 2 Lecture 02 The structure below consists of a boom and rod joined by pins (zero moment connections) Construct Free-Body Diagram Detach the structure from supports and apply the loads and reaction forces. Four unknown forces Three equations of equilibrium
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