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Ch.12 Marriage and Family.Curry text - Ch 12 Marriage and...

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Ch. 12: Marriage and the Family I: Definitions of the Family – What is family? Biological explanations (originates in biology) The complexity of defining family (it is difficult to define family because there are many forms of family) A social unit of some number of people who are linked intimately 1. related in some way 2. usually living together 3. engaging in sex 4. having responsibility for rearing children 5. functioning as an economic unit Types of Families Nuclear Family: a social unit composed of a husband, a wife, and their children 1. family of orientation: family to which one was born 2. Family of procreation: a person, spouse, and their children 3. Blended family: spouses and their children from former marriages live as a single nuclear family 4. Binuclear family: divorced parents form separate households; children divide their time with each parent. Extended family 1. Composed of two or more generations of kin that functions as an independent social and economic unit. Kinship Patterns A network of people who are related by marriage, blood, or social practice 1. kinship is a means by which societies can socialize children and transmit culture from one generation to the next 2. kinship creates complex social bonds affinal relationships are social bonds based on marriage. Marriage Two individuals involved in a socially approved relationship -- Intimate, mutual long-term obligations -- fulfilled customary ceremonial or legal requirements Romantic Love 1
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An emotional identification between two individuals 1. intense 2. convinced they cannot live without each other
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Ch.12 Marriage and Family.Curry text - Ch 12 Marriage and...

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