Descartes SG - Summary of the Argument of the 3 rd...

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Descartes Study Guide The Problem of Skepticism Descartes’ Life and times Historical background British Empiricism Continental Rationalism Knowledge is justified true belief The concept of justification Method of Doubt Forms of Skepticism: external world and global Definition of a Skeptical hypothesis First main Skeptical Hypothesis: the dream Second main SH: the evil demon The brain in a vat version of the demon hypothesis Solutions to the Skeptical Problem The cogito Empiricist doubts about the self Three kinds of knowledge recovered by the cogito Descartes’ four step strategy God is not a deceiver The Operating Room Model vs. the Good Housekeeping Model Fallibilism Externalist theories of justification Internalist objections of Externalism Contextualism Coherence theories of justification Big loose circles contrasted with small tight circles Proof for the Existence of God Natural Theology Degrees of reality Formal reality contrasted to objective reality
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Unformatted text preview: Summary of the Argument of the 3 rd Meditation The flying horse problem Idea of God comes from people Cartesian Circle Empiricist’s distrust of rationally self-evident propositions Other arguments for and against God’s existence Deism and the rise of secularism Cartesian Dualism Dualism: two distinctly different kinds of finite substance Basic metaphysical categories of Descartes Substance and property Objections to the concept of a substance Essential properties contrasted to accidental properties The piece of wax The subjectivity of sensory qualities The objectivity of the modes of extension Interaction of the two kinds of substance Descartes’ loophole The loophole closes with Newton The loophole reopens with Quantum Mechanics Materialism -- Dualism -- Idealism Libertarianism Soft Determinism Hard Determinism Problems for Materialism: consciousness, intentionality and time...
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Descartes SG - Summary of the Argument of the 3 rd...

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