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E hurricanes andrew and isabel 2004 season caribbean

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Unformatted text preview: ibbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico Hurricanes ITCZ convergence of the Tradewinds forms a zone of rising, low-pressure air (equatorial low) Can develop into tropical depressions and strengthen into hurricanes I.e. Hurricane Mitch Hurricanes in the Pacific Form in the tropical East Pacific, Tradewinds usually blow storms to Western Pacific Ocean Exception: Some hurricanes strike coast of Mexico (I.e. Pauline, 1997, category 4) Hawaii on northern edge of hurricane track (I.e. Iniki, 1992, category 4) Why no Hurricanes along west coast of U.S.? ... water too cold Major effects of hurricanes Strong winds Heavy rain Storm surge Flooding due to the combined effects of rain and surge Waves cause coastal erosion...
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