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Unformatted text preview: hange in heat content. Atmospheric heating, cooling & pressure - cont Denser air masses aloft sink, air compresses, pressure rises (HIGH). The rising pressure and compression causes an increase in temperature. The temperature rise is adiabatic. I.e. Santa Ana Winds WIND FORMATION Air always moves from areas of high pressure into areas of low atmospheric pressure Steep pressure gradient: large changes in pressure over a small area high velocity winds Coriolis Effect Earth rotates about an axis. The velocity of rotation at the equator is greater (1,037 mph) than at the poles (0 mph). Because of the different velocities of rotation across latitudes, air & water masses follow a curved path. Global Wind Pattern Permanent Bands of Wind: SE Tradewinds (30 S-0) NE Tradewinds (30 N-0) Westerlies (30 N & S 60 N & S) Polar Easterlies (60 N & S 90 N & S) ROTATING SURFACE AIR MASSES ANTICYCLONES high pressure cells Clockwise rotation in No. Hemisphere CYCLONES cells of low pressure Counterclockwise rotation in No. Hemisphere Surface winds form by the movement of air from areas of high pressure into areas of low pressure Why we have storms in the winter (OR high pressure over land=no clouds, why rain?) Jet Streams: belts of high...
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