Watershed Assignment

For more detailed information published nysdec

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Unformatted text preview: es within New York State) • DeForest Lake (720 acres) Lower Hudson Estuary Watershed A brief overview of this watershed and its water quality is presented below. For more detailed information, published NYSDEC reports are also available. Facts about this Watershed The Lower Hudson Watershed makes up about 40% of the larger Hudson/Mohawk River Basin which is one of the largest drainage areas on the eastern seaboard of the United States. Most of this 12,800 square mile basin lies in New York State, with small portions in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont. The Lower Hudson Watershed extends from the Battery at the southern end of Manhattan to the Troy Dam at the confluence of the Mohawk River. Along this entire 153 mile reach the Hudson is actually a tidal estuary, rather than a river. Location: Southeastern New York State. • Most of Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Ulster, Columbia and Albany Counties, • Much of western and central Dutchess,...
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