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Watershed Assignment

Rivers and streams 8861 miles of freshwater rivers

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Unformatted text preview: eastern Greene, and southern Rensselaer Counties, and • Smaller parts of New York (Manhattan), Bronx, Rockland, Sullivan, Schoharie and Schenectady Counties. Size: 4,982 square miles of land area within New York State (excluding the Upper Hudson and Mohawk River Watersheds, which are addressed separately). Rivers and Streams: 8,861 miles of freshwater rivers and streams. Major tributary watersheds to the Hudson River Estuary (excluding the Upper Hudson and Mohawk Watersheds) include: • Rondout/Wallkill Rivers (1,584 river/stream miles) • Stockport/Kinderhook Creeks (1,077 miles) • Catskill Creek (927 miles) • Esopus C...
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