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Kyle Smith Professor Kroft Human Communications Dyadic Encounter 29 November 2007 Being forced into a social encounter with someone you’ve never met before is uncomfortable for most everyone. The “ice-breaking” stage is the most difficult in any type of relationship, especially coupled with the added pressure of it being an assignment. Nevertheless, it is important to try and take whatever we can out of our communication with others. For this assignment, I was paired up with Jessica Seitz, sophomore here at York, and a Secondary Education Major. She lives relatively close to the York area, and therefore is a commuter. Being a freshman, a Psychology major, and a lifelong resident of New York, it seemed at first that we would have nothing in common and that the next several classes would be nothing short of torture for each of us. Looking back, however, it is hard to believe that our discussions even lasted the 90 minutes we were assigned. The initial meeting between myself and Ms. Seitz was, naturally, a tad awkward. It was she who approached and found a desk by me, either indicating a more aggressive personality than mine, or the fact that there were no available desks by her. The first several minutes passed quite uneventful, both of us rather shy and unsure of what to talk about. There was very little eye contact because of this. In more developed
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relationships, this would perhaps be an indication of something being wrong, or of an unwillingness to communicate in general, however, it is safe to say that under the
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kyles new paper - Kyle Smith Professor Kroft Human...

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