In order of importance they are build up on the

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Unformatted text preview: f importance, they are: build up on the column producing a decreasen i resolu.tion.The column can be regenerated y b pumpmg 1 N HCI through the column for one hour, followed by a DI water rinse. INTRODUCTION . - detenninedto measurethe progress of malo-lactic fermentation. . Acetic Acid - monitored to preventspoilage; concentrationmust be detenninedfor BATF regulations. Citric Acid - addedto adjustacidity and to chelate metals;concentrationmust be detenninedfor export limits. Tartaric Acid - addedto lower the pH and adjust acidity; concentrationis useful for deacidification and might be applied to cold stability testing. . Fumaric Acid - addedto preventmalo-lactic fermentationand adjust acidity (additionsshould be checkedas fumaric is difficult to dissolve). Malic Acid Red Wine Standard Run Dilution: 1 in 25 2 . . Peaks 1. Citric 2. Tartaric 3. Malic 4. Succinic 5. Lactic 6. Acetic 7. Carbonate 45 DISCUSSION OF METHOD 6 Organic acids in wine are detenninedby ion exclusion chromatographywith chemicaleluantsuppression and conductivity detection. Sincetheseorganic aci...
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