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-1 November 27 Taylor- Philosopher that mentions all the cruelties don’t by atheist leaders ( Stalin, Mao, Hitler). Also atrocities done in the name of religion ( crusades ). Simpson’s episode- On immigration. A. Diana Eck- Encountering god. Pg. 50 3 potions 1. Exclusivism : One sole truth and my tradition possess it; everyone outside of my religion is stuck ignorance and confusion----damned. Ethnocentrism: My culture is the sole truth. 2. Inclusivism : My tradition or community possess the fullness or completeness of truth, but others can have partial truths and insights. . 3. Pluralism : NO ONE religion or tradition possesses the full or complete truth; all humans religions are partial and limited perspectives of the truth. B. Vendanta ( sacred texts of Hinduism) 1500 BCE “the end of knowledge” 5 reasons for suffereing: 1. Not knowing the true nature of reality (ignorance)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Clinging to the transitory and illusory (material goods) 3. FEAR of bad things can happen in life 4. Identification with a false self ego (egocentric life) 5. Fear of death C. Vendanta’s path to wisdom truth (spiritual exercises) 1 Karma Yoga: Human beings are insturments of the devine 2. Bhakte yoga: love is ultimate truth of the universe. 3. Raja Yoga: Practices of meditation help achive serenity and pece of mind. 4. Jana yoga: Intelecual and philosophical approach to wisdom and truth D. Conceptions of the Divine: Rig Veda: Truth is one, the wise call it by many different names. Hindu conceptions of god are beyond both monotheism and polytheism! Nirguans- God without attributes, names. (nameless, monotheism) Saguna: God with attributes/ names (polytheism-----Brahman, Shiva, Ganesha, Rama, Sita, etc.) E. The Godes are represented in animal like form...
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