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Layamon - Brut(1205) - Layamon(Law-man Brut(1205 History of...

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Layamon (Law-man) – Brut (1205) - History of founding of England as per Brutus - Based of Wace - Takes the story that was first Celtic then was Geoffrey’s Latin, then translated into Norman French by Wace, now Layamon infuses it with an English mentality o Celtic Latin French English - Big on specifics like geography and numbers - Layamon says Wace recently died (1174) and after this he decided to translate the tale, which he gave to Eleanor who was Henry’s Queen - He was a priest and uses the Germanic long line format such as Beowulf was written, this is to make it more of an epic and not a romance as Wace translated it. - Emphasizes the battles, brutality, strength and power. He is not concerned with love. - He is more about describing then telling by taking what Wace has written and then adding much more. - He adds long speeches and changes details which may have been made up or added based on local legend - Geoffrey seems to be writing history along with Wace while Layamon is writing a historical novel.
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