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Chrétien - Yvain�

Chrétien - Yvain� - Yvain(the knight with the lion...

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Yvain (the knight with the lion) - There is a big feast and the knights and ladies are talking about the nature of love - Arthur and he queen finish a large lunch and he disappears to spend time with the queen and falls asleep afterwards - The queen hears the knights talking out side and she goes out to listen - Guinevere appears and Calogenant stops telling his story of his defeat but Kay tells him to finish and queen asks him to do the same - He tells us now what happens: o Calogenant was traveling in the forest and came to a castle and the vavasor rings the copper gong and the maidens come out to take off his armor and eats dinner with them o He asks the Vavasor to stay there on the way back from his journey o The next day he goes on and sees wild bulls fighting each other who are being watched by a hideous churl (the great ugliness is indescribable) o Calogenant tells the Churl he is looking for an adventure but knows nothing of the word but says if you walk to the spring you will have a tough time getting back He tells of a spring that never dries and a tree, which never loses its leaves, and if he wants adventure he should pour the spring water on a basin stone which causes a great storm. He is beaten by the knight that emerges and leaves for the court that took care of him the night before he leaves without his armor - When Kay hears of this he says no one will do anything especially Yvain - Arthur now joins the group and the queen retells the story for the 3 rd time - Arthur decides he wants to see the spring and wishes to go there on June 24 (midsummer’s eve) - Yvain wants to go alone to remove the shame from his cousin and prove that Kay is a liar - He leaves the court early and journeys into the woods - Yvain follows the same steps as his cousin and the Black Knight appears again o The stag stamps its feet as though it was in rut - Yvain manages to split the knights head in two, his brains are sliding down his chest, and he rides back to the castle mortally wounded - As Yvain chase the knight he makes it to the castle and springs a trap which causes the gate to fall down and cuts his horse in two and traps him in a room - A maiden comes in to aid him since she was once in Arthur’s court and Yvain was the only nice one to her. - She gives him a magic ring that makes him invisible when the stone is turned to the palm; she also gives him food and water - She warns him to remain there and don’t move since they will be searching for him - The knights come in searching and they see the body of Yvain bleeding but they can’t see him so they think he must be invisible - The knights maiden comes in and says her knight must have been killed by a coward but Yvain takes the insult for the moment
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- The funeral precession now begins and Yvain watches it in order to see the widow of the knight - Yvain begins to fall in love with the widow of the knight he just killed o The longer he watches the deeper he falls in love with her o
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Chrétien - Yvain� - Yvain(the knight with the lion...

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