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love&spirit sudy guide exam1

love&spirit sudy guide exam1 - Test 1 Study Guide...

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Quiz 1 1. Pauline and Hugh begin to refer to themselves as “we” rather than I and he/she. This change reflects the development of d. Mutuality 2. Which of the following ways is NOT one in which casual relationships differ from intimate relationships? d. Honesty 3. Intimate relationships are characterized by which of the following expectations? a. Your partner will not unduly hurt you b. Your partnership will continue indefinitely c. Your partner will treat you fairly and honorably 4. Which of the following needs must be met by a close relationship? d. Need to belong 5. The facts that people form relationships easily and resist dissolving existing social ties and that the loss or absence of relationships is associated with poor physical and mental health are evidence of the need b. To belong 6. According to Haslam and Fisk, intimate relationships are c. Of no one kind 7. Between 1960 and the late 1990s in the US, which aspect of marriage declined? b. Portion of the population who get married 8. Which of the following situations is currently normative withing the US? a. Most children live in a single-parent household at some time during their childhood 9. Which of the following factors have influenced the nature of close relationships in the US during the period 1960 to 2000? a. Increasing individualism b. Socioeconomic development c. Technological development 10. Which of the following mental health problems are affected by our social needs? a. Schizophrenia b. Eating disorders c. Depression d. Alcoholism 11. When a society shifts from having an approximately equal ratio of marriageable
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men and women to having a high sex ratio (more eligible men than women), family roles will likely become __________ traditional and sexual standards _______ permissive. c. More; less 12. “I find that others are reluctant to get as close as I would like. I often worry that my partner doesn’t really love me or won’t want to stay with me. I want to get very close to my partner, and this sometimes scares people away.” This statement typifies which attachment style? a.
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love&spirit sudy guide exam1 - Test 1 Study Guide...

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