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American Ethinicity 7 - Alexandra Wittchen American...

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Alexandra Wittchen American Ethnicity Paper 7 October 18, 2007 The Ethnic Myth , pages 263-280, Stephen Steinberg Throughout the readings in Steinberg’s book we have read about various myths surrounding different cultures and ethnicities. This section of Steinberg’s book pertains to two ethnic groups: Asians and West Indians. First, however, the issue of the ethnic myth is addressed. The biggest problem that occurs when a myth is formulated is the idea that success means a group has morality and good principles while failure means there is something defunct in the ethnic group. These two contrasting facets are what make up the American myth of ethnic success or failure. However there is a problem within this rationale for these ethnic strengths or weaknesses must be attributed to historical and social sources, not one’s own personal characteristics. Asians, West Indians, and Hispanics have restored the country’s fascination with the success myth. Blacks are often measured against these groups due to the fact that these immigrants will settle in cities that have concentrations of poor blacks. Once again, this is used to show Blacks as a defunct racial group due to the fact that their cohabitants are so upwardly mobile. Asians are often the portraits of ethnic success. They have the advantage of
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American Ethinicity 7 - Alexandra Wittchen American...

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