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American Ethnicity 5 - Alexandra Wittchen American...

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Alexandra Wittchen American Ethnicity Professor Elesh Paper 5 When the Melting Pot Boils Over: The Irish, Jews, Blacks, and Koreans of New York by Roger Waldinger The last articles we have read about ethnic groups coming to America and encountering discrimination from the core culture. However, this article looks at the discrimination between the subcultures, mainly the Irish, Jews, Blacks, and Koreans. There was an undisputable connection between the cultures that was a sort of cycle. The Irish competed with the Jews, the Jews hired and taught the Blacks, the Blacks bought from the Koreans. Waldinger first explains the social position of the Irish. In the first fifty or so years that the Irish lived in the United States, they worked in lower-level jobs; the men in low-paid manual work, the women in domestic positions. However, it was in 1900 that the Irish began to establish themselves as figures in the New York City public employment world. They would soon control most of the government’s internal and external workings through Tammany Hall’s control over the government. However, this would fall with the depression and the election of LaGuardia in 1933. This would be one
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American Ethnicity 5 - Alexandra Wittchen American...

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