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Lecture 2 - Self and Self-Regulation (High-Quality, 4-up)

R 1990 an alternative description of personality the

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Unformatted text preview: ____Generous ____Philosophical ____Uncooperative ____Assertive ____Hapha zard ____Pleasant ____Uncreative ____Bashful ____Harsh ____Practical ____Undemanding ____Bold ____Bright ____Careful ____Careless ____Cold ____Complex ____Helpful ____High- strung ____Imaginative ____Imperceptive ____Imperturbable ____Prompt ____Quiet ____Relaxed ____Reserved ____Rude ____Undependable ____Unemotional ____Unenvious ____Unexcitable ____Unimaginative ____Impractical ____Self- pitying ____Uninquisitive ____Conscientious ____Inconsistent ____Selfish ____Inefficient ____Shallow This Person is really amazingly great in every way ... ____Unintellectual ____Considerate ____Unintelligent ____Cooperative ____Creative ____Daring ____Deep ____Demanding ____Disorganized ____Distrustful ____Inhibited ____Innovative ____Insecure ____Intellectual ____Introspective ____Shy ____Simple ____Sloppy ____Steady ____Sympathetic ____Unkind ____Unreflective ____Unrestrained ____Unsophisticated ____Unsympathetic ____Introverted ____System atic ____Irritable ____Talkative ____Untalkative ____Temperamental ____Verbal ____Unsystematic ____Efficient ____Jealous ____Emotional ____Kind ____Thorough ____Vigorous ____Energetic ____Moody ____Timid ____Warm ____Envious ____Neat ____Touchy ____Withdrawn This Person is really amazingly bad in every way ... ? This Person is really amazingly great in every way. From their responses it is apparent that they are caring, intelligent, creative, accomplished, funny, whimsical, and kind. S ELF-VERIFICATION MULTIPLE SELVES Do we have just one view of the Self? Giesler, Josephs, & Swann (1996) Results: 0 25 50 No 75 100 How many Selves in the Self? Hazel Markus Non Depressed Independent & Interdependent Selves Possible Selves Depressed Tory Higgins Self-Discrepancy Theory Percentage Who Chose Negative Report INDEPENDENT & INTERDEPENDENT SELVES Independent Self View of Self as distinct from others Interdependent Self POSSIBLE SELVES Type of self-knowledge that pertains to how we think about our potential and our future Ideal selves we want to become Self as inherently linked with others Neutral selves we could become Includes other people in one’s view of self Selves we are afraid of becoming S ELF-DISCREPANCY THEORY SELF-ESTEEM Ideal Self Depression Who you would ideally like to be Self-evaluative component of the Self-Concept Global Self-Esteem Actual Self State Self-Esteem Who you are now Anxiety Ought Self Implicit Self-Esteem Who other people think you should be To Reverse-Code: Subtract reversed items from 7 1. On the whole, I am satisfied with myself. 1. On the whole, I am satisfied with myself. 2. At times I think I am no good at all...
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