Lecture 2 - Self and Self-Regulation (High-Quality, 4-up)

Strung quiet unemotional careful imaginative relaxed

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Unformatted text preview: h- strung ____Quiet ____Unemotional ____Careful ____Imaginative ____Relaxed ____Unenvious ____Careless ____Imperceptive ____Reserved ____Unexcitable ____Cold ____Imperturbable ____Rude ____Unimaginative ____Complex ____Conscientious Me SELF-SCHEMA Not Me ____Uncooperative ____Hapha zard ____Harsh ____Bold ____Considerate No Me t Me ____Trustful ____Generous ____Assertive ____Bashful ____Cooperative ____Creative ____Daring ____Deep ____Demanding ____Impractical ____Inconsistent ____Inefficient ____Inhibited ____Innovative ____Insecure ____Intellectual ____Introspective ____Self- pitying ____Selfish ____Shallow ____Shy ____Simple ____Sloppy ____Steady ____Sympathetic ____Uninquisitive ____Unintellectual ____Unintelligent Personality Trait ____Unkind ____Unreflective ____Unrestrained ____Unsophisticated ____Unsympathetic ____Disorganized ____Introverted ____System atic ____Unsystematic ____Distrustful ____Irritable ____Talkative ____Untalkative ____Verbal ____Efficient ____Jealous ____Temperamental ____Emotional ____Kind ____Thorough ____Vigorous ____Energetic ____Moody ____Timid ____Warm ____Envious ____Neat ____Touchy ____Withdrawn GLOBAL VERSUS CONTEXTUALIZED SELF Markus (1977) Results for speed to classify the trait “Independent” 24.75 Independents Aschematics 22.5 Dependents 20.25 “Me” “Not Me” Response 18 Response Times (s) to use “Me” 27 Global Self-concept I am Contextualized Self-concept I am when . Buffers negative feelings after failure W ORKING SELFCONCEPT SELF-CONCEPT CENTRALITY A subset of your Self-Concept that is presently accessible What goes in the working self-concept? Some aspects of the Self-Concept are more personally important to you than others Recently primed aspects of Self Contextually distinctive aspects “Central” aspects are chronically accessible in the semantic network “Central” aspects of Self MEASURING SELFCONCEPT CENTRALITY Programmer Reliable Interesting consequences: Caring Kind Me Funny Conscientious Nerd Fun Loving Adventurous SELF-CONCEPT CENTRALITY Self-Evaluative Maintenance Self-Handicapping Self-Verification S ELF-EVALUATIVE MAINTENANCE SELF-EVALUATIVE MAINTENANCE If domain is central to the Self-Concept: Distance Self from relationship People tend to be threatened when someone close to them outperforms them in a domain that is central to the Self-Concept, but not for non-central traits Distance Self from task domain If domain is not central to Self-Concept: Vicarious self-esteem boost Magnitude of self-esteem boost proportional to closeness of relationship SELF-HANDICAPPING Strategy to buffer the self from an anticipated failure or embarrassment by undermining one’s own performance WHICH FEELS WORSE? A.You study really...
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