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Holocaust - When Germany conquered all of Poland we moved...

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This interview was held on Tuesday, November 20 th 2007 between the interviewer Jason Rozenberg and his grandmother Lila Eimer. Ms. Eimer was a Jew in Poland during the times of the Holocaust and was greatly affected by this attempted genocide. Q: Grandma Lila, if you don’t mind I would like to ask you some questions that might bring up some horrible memories, is that ok with you? A: Yes, please do. Q: Very well, first I would like to thank you for being here. Exactly how old were you when the first signs of World War II occurred. A: Well I was 11 years old, living with my family in Kalisz Poland. Q: Do you remember what happened? A: Yes, September first the war broke out and Germany soon conquered all over Poland. My father decided to take our family and hide in a different town in Poland because he remembered that during World War I the Germans were burning down buildings in the towns.
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Unformatted text preview: When Germany conquered all of Poland we moved back to Kalisz and found that our apartment was occupied by Germans. We were given two rooms of the whole house to live in and shortly we were ordered to go to a ghetto. In the ghetto I was working in a hat factory, had no friends and was luckily adopted by the president of the ghetto. Q: Were you ever in a concentration camp? A: Yes, after 3 years in the ghetto me and my family were stripped of all possessions and crammed into a train heading towards the concentration camp called Auschwitz. I remember waiting on line with my family thinking of what will happen to us. My family and I stepped up to the German guard and he sent my parents, grandparents and siblings to face a tragic death, while me and my cousin Gene were sent to work. There I worked all day and night, ate very little and watched thousands of people die every day....
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