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Lecture 2.1 Beer History

Ancients might have discovered that too little water

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Unformatted text preview: their culture. Neanderthals ultimately lost out in the game of Darwinian evolution, so regardless, modern humans get the credit for inventing beer. “History is written by the victors.” - Winston Churchill Ancient Beer Life was tough in the ancient world Take a moment to imagine what life must have been like in the ancient world. To some it might seem an intriguing alternative to today’s hectic society. When you take a critical look, however, sadness, sickness, and fear must have permeated the various ancient cultures. Medicine was held in equal regard to or blended with magic. Microorganisms were unknown, so the gods were constantly sending plagues and sicknesses to punish the people. Want to be a parent someday? Just take a look at the startling statistics below: High infant and child mortality: • 30% mortality for Egyptian newborns...
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